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September 20, 2018
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Solving problems (online) when the world turns upside down…

By Simon Dewar, GM Digital.

In the last few weeks, BSI Learning have been VERY busy!

We developed a 100% Contact-free remote video production solution in response to social distancing measures. I couldn’t be more impressed with the team that worked collaboratively with our client (one of the big four global assurance and accounting firms) and our superstar videographer Dan to make this happen. We managed to interview senior leaders across the organisation using our new kits and remote software with human direction to get premium, production quality results without the risk of camera crews. Find out about this innovative solution here.

In the banking sector, we also helped one of the big four here in Australia to completely digitise their approach to induction training as part of their Business Continuity Training efforts and second tier core training in a period of a few weeks, developing new hybrid approaches, roadmaps and resources to help them deliver business critical training virtually through a mix of modalities. This was nothing short of a monumental effort from my Head of Instructional Design Tara, and her amazing team. More on how we did it here.

Honestly, I am in awe of all the team have achieved, and thankful for the customers that looked to us, and trusted us to innovate and work with them through these unusual circumstances.

This week, we release a series of mobile ready micro-learning experiences designed to help people cope with working from home, ergonomics, change and resilience. I have no desire to clog up peoples feed with more of the same content, and we strongly recommend working with us to contextualise these courses, as we don’t believe in a one size fits all…  however we have provided access to them anyway, for anyone to learn from over the next few months.

And next week, our new Family Violence offering, a topic we have a great degree of organisational capability around, and completed numerous projects on over the years, is launching a mobile enabled education package in collaboration with Jenn Allen, a respected Family Violence educator and board member for Safe Steps Family Violence Resource Centre. We know how important it is to recognise, respond and refer appropriately in this situation, and that it can be a matter of life and death… and we hope this amazing resource empowers people and their teams to act.

I couldn’t be prouder of my team for helping to make all of this happen. Now is the time it is needed the most.

Thanks for reading!