Have you ever been hooked on a game? Most of us have.

Maybe it’s the sense of reward we feel when we reach a new level or master an element of the game. Perhaps it’s the pleasure of being in a fantasy world. Either way, the associated release of dopamine in our brains keeps us coming back for more. It’s those powerful feelings that businesses and learning organisations are tapping into with gamification.

Gamification is about applying game mechanics to non-game settings, such as the workplace. We can use it to tap into intrinsic motivators like mastering skills and receiving feedback and recognition.

Effective gamification puts the learner in control, simulates realistic situations, and provides regular feedback and rewards. It can be incredibly effective when it’s done well and organisations are starting to recognise this.

At BSI, we think gamification is an exciting and powerful learning tool and we love looking for opportunities to incorporate these principles into our projects.

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