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October 29, 2014
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BSI eLearning launch ANZ MoneyMinded Online.

BSI eLearning has worked with ANZ to deliver their flagship adult financial education program, MoneyMindedTM in an interactive and accessible online format.

MoneyMinded is an award-winning financial literacy program which builds the skills, confidence and knowledge of participants to better manage their finances. It provides unbiased educational information and does not promote specific financial products and services – it is provided as a community resource to encourage good financial habits.

For more than ten years, ANZ has partnered with trusted community organisations to deliver MoneyMinded to more than 240,000 people in 17 countries via face-to-workshops or one-on-one counselling.

Recently ANZ set out to develop an online version of the MoneyMinded program freely available to anyone with access to the internet and a laptop, desktop or tablet device.

“ANZ promotes financial inclusion by investing in innovative programs that provide social benefits to the community,” said Jane Nash, ANZ Head of Corporate Sustainability & Financial Inclusion. “Expanding the reach of MoneyMinded online enables us to assist more people to build financial skills for their future.”

BSI eLearning developed a unique solution for MoneyMinded utilising both technology and eLearning specialist teams. “BSI eLearning’s vision was simple” stated Jesse Kingsley, Creative Director of BSI eLearning, “provide content in a unique format that was easily accessible – light, friendly and approachable but with sound educational value.”

The final outcome delivered included an interactive website linked to a custom learning management system (LMS) to track learning outcomes “without taking on the appearance and complexity of a traditional LMS that might alienate users”.

The LMS hosts a series of engaging animated learning activities which are distilled from the the key learning components delivered in the face-to-face MoneyMinded program.

The website, including eLearning components and website development, was produced over a twelve month period and launched to the public in July 2014. MoneyMinded can be accessed via

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