Video Production during COVID-19


Good news... It is now possible to produce premium quality video completely safely using our 100% remote and contact-free video solution.

BSI, and our superstar Videography team lead by Dan Farmer, were about to commence recording of a full production video when the COVID-19 situation meant crew could no longer conduct shoots as planned.

We love an innovation challenge, so together we came up with a new, sterile and safe way to film. We recorded interviewees and presenters in their own homes with sterile kits, delivered straight to their door, with their own interviewer and videographer remoting in!


The Process

Here’s what video conferencing typically looks like and what we can do using the remote shooting pack:
Normal Zoom meeting InterviewProduction Quality Zoom meeting Interview

Could this work for you?

Has your training delivery been put on hold by COVID-19?
Are you keen to get a video in its place again as soon as possible? We can have sterile kits delivered to anyone working from home, and remote in via video to talk them through the process.
Using low quality video tools to deliver critical business updates?
We can help you improve your video and audio quality and ensure technology limitations don’t get in the way of your important communications. Our experienced Instructional Designers are always on hand to assist with talking points and conduct interviews.
Need to quickly produce video to ensure business continuity?
We can rapidly produce video, such as short instructional videos or interviews with subject matter experts that create a rich and effective learning experience in place of face-to-face. These will be useful during and after Covid-19.

If you would like to discuss how BSI might be able to help, get in touch for an obligation-free virtual consultation with on of our senior video experts.


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