Augmented Reality is an emergent virtual technology now freely available on most mobile devices. But can it be used to create an Augmented Reality Learning tool? We decided to investigate – and that’s how Fireworks Builder AR was developed.

Our goal: To explore a process related, hands-on learning event using Augmented Reality. The Augmented Reality Learning tool needed to help learners to experience the consequences of their decisions in real-time.

After ideating, presenting, dismissing, and refining our preferred concepts we settled on one that could:

  • offer a short, sharp learning experience,
  • allow a process to be completed first-hand, and
  • provide feedback on decisions made.

And so, Fireworks Builder AR was conceived. Check it out on the link and video below…

The tool demonstrates that specific manual processes can be trained virtually, using a learner’s own mobile device. Processes that might otherwise be considered costly, dangerous or due to location difficult to train are all possible using Augmented Reality.Through a virtual activity that gets learners to interact with objects in real time, learners are more deeply engaged in the subject matter.

In the future, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality solutions will be the cornerstone of rich, practical learning experiences that people will expect to see in training.
AR Fireworks builder is currently available on Apple’s App store and playable on iPhones and iPads using iOS 11 and higher. If you don’t have access to an Apple mobile device, we’ve provided a video link to show you how it works. We’re confident that this proof of concept presents a great opportunity for building the next generation of learning tools.

Speak to the team at BSI Learning if you’ve got a training need that might fit the AR bill and we’ll see if we can help you launch it!

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