Digital Business Continuity Training

In the wake of Covid-19 current face-to-face approaches to training teams on critical, organisation-specific content such as technical, product, system and process training (which may already have some digital elements) has to be reconsidered, given that no single training team, nor learners can be in the same room.

A lot of "panic" or "emergency" digital training is happening currently, where the outcome is sometimes compromised due to a lack of planning and variety of activities, engagement techniques and blend of virtual facilitation, eLearning, video, self-paced activities and coaching or group work.

Needing a simple, practical solution, our clients have been partnering with BSI to deliver on a number of key critical stages to achieve the desired outcomes in a record turnaround (our latest project was delivered in 2 weeks). With a little careful planning we can ensure a business critical program of learning is created that will be a viable remote delivery approach into the future, and will still ensure positive outcomes from your learners.

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