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Chain of Responsibility

By Jesse Kingsley & Callum Scott

Is your organisation prepared? The Chain of Responsibility laws are changing in October 2018 and if you use trucks over 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass for your business operations, it’s time to get on-board. 

When the laws do change, maximum Chain of Responsibility penalties per offences will increase to $3 million for corporations and $300,000, plus up to 5 years in jail for individuals. And the new laws mean everyone in the supply chain has responsibilities to ensure their actions, inactions, or demands don’t breach the laws by unduly influencing the behaviour and actions of truck drivers, creating unsafe conditions for all road users.

Even if your organisation doesn’t own or run trucks, these laws will still apply if you use third-party freightage to transport your products on Australian roads. But the good news is that tailored digital training solutions can make your staff aware of the Chain of Responsibility, and what the law changes will mean to them, and the wider organisation.

Having delivered numerous projects on this topic, BSI can provide valuable insights into the training we’ve created in this space over the past twelve months. We’ll then outline how we can develop a cost-effective video-based awareness campaign for your business and complete it in just a few short weeks.

But time has almost run out, so if you need your staff to be across these changes, act now. Speak with Jesse Kingsley (03 8692 0381) and Callum Scott (03 8692 0385).