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May 4, 2016
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May 4, 2016
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Foxtel – Privacy Awareness

Project: A graphic novel with audio, outlining the revised Privacy Principles
Duration: 40 minutes
Audience: Employees and contractors who work for Foxtel

Legal compliance doesn’t have to be boring and that’s why Foxtel came to us for a creative solution. After a brainstorming session we decided that the best way to deal with Privacy was to use modern Private Detective characters, dropped into a film noir setting. Based on this, we engaged the services of a local animator who’s also a published graphic novelist. So, with the tone and graphics set, the work commenced on the storyboard.

If we’re laughing, we’re engaged and that’s why this module needed an element of humour to effectively communicate information that’s not exactly rivetting material. Using humour and untolled pop-cultural references, the storyboard became the perfect vehicle to educate Foxtel staff on Privacy principles. Not only was it funny, and a homage to a wealth of film noir detective movies, it became a benchmark for how we now approach compliance based training.

For this module, creative thinking really paid off and staff at Foxtel sent back glowing reviews because they were not bored by having to do the module. Quite the opposite, which is a win for compliance based training, which is often tarred by the boring brush. And one of the biggest bonuses of this project was working with a client who was willing to take a risk. A risk that paid off.