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May 4, 2016
Medibank – The Health System
May 4, 2016
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BHP – Fit for Work

Project: A graphic novel with audio, outlining the parameters of being fit for work.
Duration: 30 minutes
Audience: Employees and contractors who work for BHP

BHP requested that we approach health and safety from a more creative perspective, so after some brainstorming, we chose a graphic novel approach to the module. We decided on this style because it enabled us to tell a story and inform the learner at the same time. This methodology fits well with health and safety and being fit for work because we were able to communicate the importance of workplace safety, whilst giving the module that human touch. A large percentage of compliance training is rather bland, so we felt that bringing it to life would allow us to communicate the key messages with greater clarity.

The final product was something completely different, a brand new approach to how we talk about being safe at work. Illustrations drawn by one of our animators, along with audio, voiced by trained and experienced actors, produced an eLearning module with a tangible narrative structure. Subsequently, the feedback we received from the client was all positive. Employees who watched the module, found the use of storytelling and realistic characters to be a far more engaging way of tackling the sensitive areas of being fit for work. Additionally, this new approach to compliance training was a refreshing departure from the usual eLearning modules that lack any creativity.

Blending critical and creative thinking in this module was the real win, and revealed an innovative method of addressing online education. Additionally, we had a client who was willing to take a chance and do something new. Ultimately, that decision was beneficial to the client, and to the BSI eLearning and Development team.