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May 4, 2016
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ANZ – PLBD Customer Interface Training

Task: A blended elearning approach consisting of software simulations and supporting, just-in-time training materials.
Duration: 30 mins elearning + 12 simulations, Quick reference guides, Scenario based worksheets and Instruction manuals
Audience: Two audiences within ANZ – Branch and contact centre bankers dealing with customers looking to take out a personal loan.

In 2015, ANZ introduced a new system called Personal Loans Banker Desktop, or PLBD, to optimise the process of personal loan applications and save considerable time for ANZ bankers when completing the loan application process with customers.

We were tasked with creation of a blended elearning programme to train and embed practices in the ANZ network, to ensure both existing and new ANZ staff could be trained and complete their day-to-day activities effectively in the new environment.

Solution: We developed a 30 minute elearning module for the Branch network. This consisted mostly of software simulations, combined with audio, which guided bankers through the different components of the new system, and explained how to complete the necessary processes to complete a personal loan application. This was then adapted for the contact centre audience.

To support the elearning experience, we created a selection of just-in-time training materials, including:

  • Quick Reference Guides covering key processes in the system
  • Scenario-based worksheets based on customer needs
  • Instruction manuals covering the more complicated processes in detail.
  • We also updated a selection of ANZ’s existing just-in-time materials, to include the Personal Loans Banker Desktop processes.

Outcome: The blended elearning programme ensured that bankers had a broad understanding of the PLBD tool. It helped to bring about behavioural change by providing a safe practice environment reflecting real life scenarios.