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If you’re about to invest good money on an important learning project you want to know you’re going to get value for money.

There is a lot to consider: audience, modes of delivery, technology environment, and of course content. For many people the decision-making process can be overwhelming. Some of the factors impacting your project could include:
  • Time: I need it delivered, fast!

  • Cost: I’m on a tight budget

  • Quality: I want a best practice result

No matter what your key driver is, we can help you get a fantastic solution that respects your constraints and delivers a great learning experience for your people. Consider it insurance for your investment that will guarantee the return you need.


At BSI, we use proven learning methodologies and sound design principles to provide structure and meaning to our creations.

We design our learning so that it:
  • Inspire and motivate

  • Maximise skills transfer

  • Increase productivity

  • Perform under pressure


How we do it

Analyse and evaluate your existing learning methods, learner needs, organisational needs, and the current capability of your people. We’ll get clear on what’s producing results and what isn’t with our Learning Review and Training Needs Analysis services.
Develop a comprehensive Learning Strategy that features the outcomes, broad approaches, and key activities – selecting the optimal modes of delivery for the type of learning content (online, facilitated or workplace driven). And - give you an outstanding ROI based on your company’s objectives.
Identify what skills are required for each role in your organisation and enhance your future candidate selection processes with Role Assessments and Development of Capability Frameworks.
We collaborate with your Subject Matter Experts to curate relevant and accurate content.
Determine the most efficient and effective methods of building learning that sticks using practical learning theories such as the 70:20:10 Model.
Staying relevant: Create a monitoring and review process to ensure your content stays up to date and up to the minute with industry and technology changes.


You want your people to be productive, motivated and equipped to perform under pressure. To achieve that, it’s important to ensure your learning programs are experiential, engaging, motivating, and help people put their learning into practice. At BSI, we specialise in delivering Blended Learning programs that deliver all of this and more.

There’s enormous value in having employees who advocate working in your organisation. We’ll help you create them by equipping your people with all they need to get a head start in their roles and build the motivation to deliver results. We’ll help build a positive picture of your organisation and why you’re worth working for.

A Blended Learning Program offers the ultimate in learning – and it is what we do best at BSI.

A combination of face-to-face training with a range of other modes of delivery:
Gives your learners variety, choice and the ability to learn in a range of different ways.
Is time efficient if it includes on-the-job learning components.
Allows learners to observe, practice and master new skills, and embed them in their everyday working life.

The secret is to get the mix right… so you achieve a great outcome and meet your objectives. That’s one of the things we do best – analyse what you need and design a program that will work for your specific needs, timing and budget.


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