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  • Inspire and motivate

  • Maximise skills transfer

  • Increase productivity

  • Perform under pressure

You want your people to be productive, motivated and equipped to perform under pressure. To achieve that, it’s important to ensure your learning programs are experiential, engaging, motivating, and help people put their learning into practice. At BSI we specialise in delivering Blended Learning programs that deliver all of this and more.

There’s enormous value in having employees who advocate working in your organisation. We’ll help you create them by equipping your people with all they need to get a head start in their roles and build the motivation to deliver results. We’ll help build a positive picture of your organisation and why you’re worth working for.

A Blended Learning Program offers the ultimate in learning – and it is what we do best at BSI. A combination of face-to-face training with a range of other modes of delivery:

Gives your learners variety, choice and the ability to learn in a range of different ways.
Is time efficient if it includes on-the-job learning components.
Allows learners to observe, practice and master new skills, and embed them in their everyday working life.

The secret is to get the mix right… so you achieve a great outcome and meet your objectives.

That’s one of the things we do - analyse what you need and design a program that will work for your specific needs, timing and budget.

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Corporate training programs that educate and inspire

Our BSI Learning trainers are renowned for being dynamic, engaging, and knowledgeable… with real world business experience and the skills to impart this with learners.

Get a nationally recognised qualification with our accredited courses

Do your need a recognised qualification? Perhaps you would like to map one of your in-house programs to acknowledge their skills and improve your employee value proposition? Or perhaps you would like to attract Government funding for the training you do internally. An accredited course may be the answer.

Our ‘Amplify Training Method’ ensures the new skills and knowledge that your people gain, is retained, enhanced AND can be translated into the workplace.

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No matter what your key driver is, we can help you get a fantastic solution that respects your constraints and still delivers a great learning experience for your people.

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